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Prairie Wolf Update

Since it's been a few years, waaaaay too long, I figured that it was about time for a Prairie Wolf update. Geri and I have both been spending our time simply living. When you live a lifestyle such as ours you find that play and work intermix. Sure, there are moments - lots of them - when we have to do certain things just to upkeep. Building and living in your own home off the grid makes for a lot of responsibilities that the average person doesn't have to answer to.

Our old horse Flutter as art

Example: a year ago we had lightning strike thru our solar system. Really fried a lot. The normal person simply contacts the insurance man and has a qualified man, electrician or whomever, come and make it all good again. In our case there is no “qualified Technician” close enough to do this. Since I couldn't afford bringing in someone with the knowledge, I had to make it work myself - and that required some doin'. Besides cost it required several weeks of mostly full time efforts to get it up and running. Also, Logs are not vinel siding. As they dry cracks develop and if not properly cared for this can lead to rot - which leads to holes in the house. Not good! These and many other “to do's” on the list eats up time and effort I'd rather spend in the bush. But this is the life we chose, so be it.

Our trips to the west have suffered lately due to various projects (“to-do” lists, log building, teaching Special Forces, etc. - other pages devoted to that). We stay up on primitive skills - we have to, it's our life - but we're not involved quite as 24/7 as we used to be

Geri BrainTans Deer for a jacket.

Our cedar bed

Us in our “busy” kitchen

Geri spends a lot of time with her braiding (from cow to finished product - another page) and working with the horses. I've been in charge of brush control, fencing, and other “manly” things. I've been devoting a lot of time to improving my flintknapping and we've attended the “bo-darc” rendezvous and knap in in SW Missouri the past few years, about the only public doin's we've done in a long time. Sitting with a couple top notch knappers gettin' some one on one has been a great help.

So this page is just kinda stuck in here so as to make it easier to add info at a later date.

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