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U.S. Army Special Forces & Prairie Wolf

We taught classes here at our home for several years during the late 80's thru the mid 90's, quitting for several reasons but mostly because we took what we were doing VERY seriously and some of our students thought of their time here as a vacation getaway. We take in very few students today those that we do must convince us that they are very serious about this training and mostly we teach instructors of others (Scout leaders, etc.). We have, since the beginning, been contacted by individuals and small groups (Special Forces A-Teams, Rangers, Seals) connected with the military Special Operations community and have always been quick to oblige helping them in any way that we could. Primitive survival is taken very seriously by them. During the summer of 2004 we received a call from an instructor of the Special Warfare Command's S.E.R.E. survival school located at Fort Bragg, NC. He as an individual had been using our material personally since the late 80's and tho our materials were on hand at the Special Warfare Center Survival School. He wondered about the possibility of sending the entire staff of the school here for training on an regular basis.

"Been waiting for this call", says I. "We know modern survival but sticks and stones is our specialty".

"That's what we're looking for", he said. "When can we begin"?

So now, twice a year, we run a class for instructors from the Army's top survival school teaching strictly primitive wilderness living & survival skills.

For us, there is no higher honor or responsibility.

These notes were left in our "Outhouse Guestbook" during Special Forces Instructor's classes:

Nov 16 04
Just sitt'en here thinking. John & Geri McPherson are w/out a doubt the two most talented & experienced survival instructors in the US (probably the world). If you're in here taking a dump, then you're at ground zero for learning. TIME TO BE ALL EARS !!!
Anonymous - US Army Special Forces SERE Instructor

Nov 21, 2005
It is rare to enter a true learning environment where the instructors have all the essential attributes of great teachers - a thorough understanding of the subjects, extensive practical experience, a clear & concise method of teaching, and a true love for what they do. john & Geri McPherson are just such instructors, and Prairie Wolf is this type of school.
Anonymous - SFC, U.S. Army Special Forces SERE Instructor

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