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So what have we been doing lately?

Well, Geri has been doing rawhide braiding - from raw cowhide (one of which she also skinned) - and making horsey type gear - reins, reatas, hobbles, etc. I'll develop a page or two on this as I get more "how-to" photos. We also built an Igloo for the first time!



Myself. Well, lets see. For the first time since Geri came to Kansas we had the beginning of a winter - three weeks or so in December of cold and some snow - which only amounted to about five inches but it drifted just right and we got to do a lot of cross country skiing.

Bill & Brandon Gugenhan and I check out the slopes.

I got to build an igloo, a first for us. Geri was at home for the most part braiding and I was playing. What brought this about is the fact that we are considering selling our collection on home/camp accroutements that we have made over the years - the only (as far as I know) complete primitive/primitive camp/home out there made by one family/individual. Some of what we have is along the Eskimo line and the cold/snow got me to thinking of a background for a photo - hence the igloo.

We have become friends with one Christof Hagan and his lovely wife Joanna and twin daughters, Monica and Anna. They visited us for five days in January of 2000. They hail from Switzerland and Christof has become an expert on the art of igloo building teaching it both in Europe and America. He has written a booklet (currently being revised) - and he had sent us a copy along with a snow saw that he has developed. I got to put it all to the test during this cold snap and, as seen by the photos, it works. I have read some little on snow dwellings and igloos over the years in my research and when I saw his 20 page booklet - well, I had my doubts. But - believe me - all you need to get going is there. I followed ONLY his instructions and you can see the results. Contact him @ and/or head to his page; This will teach you how to build an igloo.

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