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Primitive Trek - July 2004

When I finally got serious about learning and practicing Primitive Outdoor Skills my one purpose was that I would be able to head “Naked into the Wilderness”. In other words, to enable myself to head into the wilderness and make a comfortable life for myself using nothing but what nature had to offer. Most all of my training and practicing has been in temperate climates which makes it somewhat easier to do this realistically. Tho we get HOT summers and COLD winters there is an in between that makes living under primitive conditions somewhat more comfortable than the extremes. If given enough time to prepare for the extremes then making it thru the tough times is doable.

Over the years Geri and I have made several trips out under Primitve conditions, most times with one or more accomplices, and except for one when the personalities of a coupla members ruined what would have otherwise been a great trip, all have been accomplished successfully. By that I mean that we created or replicated a primitive lifestyle - sometimes from nothing, having headed out with no goods at all and other times embellishing on primitive goods that we took with us. Rules were always the same: 1- no steel of any kind. 2- Modern clothes, if worn, used only to shelter the body - no use of pockets, etc. Rely only on the skills and what resources are offered by nature.

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