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Primitive Wilderness Living and
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NEW BOOK NOTICE! We have had a new edition of our old book, “Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills", recently published - titled “Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Living”. The cover and the title has changed but the contents are almost exactly the same. A good book and a great buy - just the same contents presented in a different order. The cost is $10 less than our existing title. It is not available on this site nor thru us. We authorized this printing to reach sales outlets (main-line book stores, etc) that we as individuals have been unable to reach over the years. DO NOT confuse this as a completely new work, buy it and get mad at us. Same book - slightly modified at 40% less cost.

Welcome to Prairie Wolf. We are your source for information on primitive wilderness living and outdoor survival skills. We have a national reputation for being the best in the business and our wilderness survival guides and instructional materials reflect this. Check out our wilderness living books and videos while on our site!

Interest in outdoor living, self sufficiency and primitive (Indian) skills has been life long for both of them. John's first "real" hands on practicing of primitive skills began in 1973 - motivated after reading OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SKILLS by Larry Dean Olson. Geri has been dabbling in "homesteading" skills (making soap & whatever) since the late '60's.
They met and married in 1987.

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