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So, just who and what is Prairie Wolf?

Married in 1987, John & Geri McPherson live on 46 acres of rough (rock & cedars) land in the flinthills of Kansas. John and Geri McPherson ARE Prairie Wolf. Learn more about Native American Indians and the aboriginal culture by reading about our primitive living and outdoor survival experiences! Everything man made on their property has been done by them. John is originally from New York State (not the city, the Southern Tier). Geri has her roots in Minnesota.

John and Geri McPherson John and Geri McPherson

Our House (workshop) House (workshop) built by John, wives
(two, one at a time) & friends.
Horse Gear Workshop Horse gear workshop built
(mostly) by John.

Outhouse, outside Outhouse, outside
Horse Gear Workshop Outhouse, inside

Interest in outdoor living, self suffiency and primitive (Indian) skills has been life long for both of them. John's first "real" hands on practicing of primitive skills began in 1973 - motivated after reading OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SKILLS by Larry Dean Olson. Geri has been dabbling in "homesteading" skills (making soap & whatever) since the late '60's. They met and married in 1987.

Photo at Right: Living without electricity (since 1978), one alternative is their gravity feed water system.


Western National Rendezvous, Wyoming For some time, much of the year was spent living out of a tipi - gypsy like - from one rendezvous to another - May till September - until the very late '80's when they switched audiences a bit and began teaching at more "primitive" gatherings and museums. Tho this cut back on their tipi Gypsy life a bit, they found themselves spending more time in the outdoors thru the classes that they held.

Paradise Valley, Montana Paradise Valley, Montana
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